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Client Stories

Client Story #1: QuickBooks Clean-Up

I recently completed a clean-up for a new client who is going into his third year of business. He explained that he was barely using Quickbooks and wasn’t even sure if what he was doing was right or not. After I conducted an analysis of his books I discovered that the only thing he was doing in Quickbooks was recording expenses and several of those expenses had been entered in two different places. He didn’t have his business bank account set up in Quickbooks and he had never recorded a single deposit. The bottom line was he had no way to pull any meaningful financial information regarding his business.

After the clean-up we were able to run accurate financial reports and identify several areas to cut unnecessary expenses which will improve his bottom line. I connected his bank account to his Quickbooks account which simplified the data entry process and I showed him how to quickly and easily scan receipts into Quickbooks which helps to classify transactions and retain receipts as documentation of business expenses.

Lastly, I showed him how to generate key reports such as the Profit & Loss report and Balance Sheet and how he can drill down into those reports to gain key financial information about his business.


My longtime client has recently had two instances where having his books in good order has helped him navigate some unexpected circumstances.

First, when the Covid 19 pandemic hit in spring of 2020, his monthly sales dropped significantly and he was going to face some significant challenges to pay his employees. He received relief through the Federal Paycheck Protection Program. As part of the application for this financial assistance he was required to submit a number of financial reports to verify the impact of the pandemic to his revenue stream and to verify his normal monthly payroll expense. I was quickly able to put together the required information so that he could complete the application. As a result he was able to receive the financial assistance that was needed to keep his operation running.
The second instance was when a fire destroyed his processing facility.

The second instance was when a fire destroyed his processing facility. Fortunately he was insured, but in order to file an accurate claim and receive the maximum insurance benefit possible, a number of financial reports were required. As his bookkeeper I was able to quickly create the required reports and submit them to the insurance adjuster. My ability to do this took a huge burden off my client at an already very stressful and challenging time.